Garden Tips and Know-How by Denise Hodgins O.D.H

Have you ever dreamt about neighboors being amazed by your garden? Say no more! Here we are going to post and regularly update the collection of garden tips and know-how provided by Denise Hodgins O.D.H, Landscape Designer/Garden Coach. Check her website for more info.

  • Struggle with when to prune your shrubs in the garden?


The easiest thing to remember that you prune flowering shrubs immediately after they finish flowering. So something like Forsythia, that flowering in spring, is pruned in May, or Rose of Sharon that flowers in August is pruned in late September.

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  • Always wonder why the planters and hanging baskets look amazing in the garden center and after a week of two they start to lose there wow factor at you home?


Well it is all about fertilizer! Did you know that every time they turn water on in the garden center fertilizer comes out?  Once you get in the habit of fertilizing often you too can have those wow planters and baskets as well.

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  • Looking for a wow factor in the garden?


Have you thought about using different coloured foliage as it will provide colour through out the seasons and the flowers become a bonus.  Here is an article with lots of suggestions of what you can add to the garden for that pop of colour.

    Stay tuned for more!

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