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Either you have bought a new home and thinking about upscaling your backyard, or you are a seasoned gardener - for every green decision there is an expert to seek advice from! Denise Hodgins O.D.H. has an experience as a college instructor, and now she continues "teaching" through being a Garden Coach.

If you are eager to learn more about your own garden and how to care for it as well as how to take it to the next level - follow Denise on Facebook or check an exclusive topic on our website.

As a Garden Coach and Designer, Denise has over 30 years of design experience, have had the opportunity to work in many areas within the horticultural industry from Historical Landscaper, to Head Gardener at Rosebank in Lambeth, Ontario, greenhouse plant production and many years on the Landscape crew both in northern Ontario and here in London building and maintaining both residential and commercial properties.

Landscape design or Garden Coaching - Denise does it all!


~ MAIDCheer makes house cleaning easy ~

The house cleaning service you can rely on! Established in 2017, MAIDCheer Cleaning Services launched a platform aimed towards efficiency and convenience for the customer. MAIDCheer identified a lack of visible pricing within the industry as well as poor quality services and inconsistent schedules, and decided to introduce a service that revolves around the customer, ensuring these issues are no more.

MAIDCheer offers online payment options, seamless website navigation, trustworthy/quality maids, and transparent/up-front pricing. MAIDCheer is a London cleaning service that aims to save you time so you can focus on what's important. They strive to provide quality, friendly and personal cleaning services to those that are looking for the right touch in handling their homes and offices. MAIDCheer Cleaning Services is here to help!

Some of their specific specialities include: deep cleaning, move-out cleans, recurring home cleaning, wall cleaning and washing, window cleaning and washing, carpet cleaning, commercial cleaning, and all other home cleaning services.

About the Business Owner

With 10+ years of customer service, Mark Robinson knew the importance of putting the customer first. After using home cleaning services several times in the past, he felt a disconnect between the way those businesses were run and the level of customer satisfaction that London deserves. He then launched MAIDCheer after creating means of convenience through an easy to use platform.

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~ Better moving experience ~

London is a dynamic city experiencing a lot of economic growth, which means we’re not just growing up – we’re growing out. The investments in our city’s industrial and commercial real estate sectors mean the suburban population is growing, and with this, people living in the city are on the move. For those who want a change of local scenery, you couldn’t ask for a better moving experience than the one provided by True North Movers!

True North Movers was founded in 2013, and in the five years since has become the fastest growing moving company in London. As the company has grown, they’ve expanded the services offered while tailoring other conventional ones towards the unique community that lives in the city. In this way, True North has set itself apart from the competition in a number of amazing ways.

One of their best features is the Damage-Free Guarantee. If you’re paying for their packing and unpacking, you should know that the team is fully bonded and insured, but True North adds some extra assurance with this Guarantee. Any damages caused by the team will be paid for by the team.

They also know that not all moves are the same. Many Londoners are in unique circumstances that make the financial and physical parts of moving difficult to manage. To help people out when they are at their most vulnerable, True North offers discounts for students and senior citizens.

We all know the student situation in London: the city is home to two of the finest post-secondary institutions in the province, and people come from all over to earn a great education. As students flock to the city and make it their home, True North Movers offers them a discounted rate to lower the expense. All you need is a student ID!

True North also understands the problems that can come when the elderly need to move. Anyone over the age of 65 is offered a discount on their services, and they take great care in packing, transporting, and unpacking again. It doesn’t matter the circumstances – they take care of seniors, and do so with respect and empathy.

This city is like no other, and it’s filled to the brim with hard workers and cutting-edge thinkers. True North Movers has channeled these traits into a company that is changing the way our customers experience the physical and economic burden of moving. You’re guaranteed a great move, no matter what the circumstances.

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