Huron Heights & Fanshawe

London, Ontario
Hospitals/Emergency Services: Fire Station No. 7 – 1192 Highbury Avenue North
Shopping Malls: Northland Mall – 1275 Highbury Avenue North
Fitness Clubs: Premier Fitness & Mademoiselle Women's Fitness Club - 1295 Highbury Ave. N
Elementary Schools: Depending on Boundary:


High Schools:

Robarts School for the Deaf – 1090 Highbury Avenue N
Places of Worship:

The Grove/Webster’s Cemetery – Huron Street, east of Webster St
Parks: Farnsborough Park – 1071 Farnsborough Cres
Stronach Park – 1221 Sandford Street
Huronview Park – 1345 Bently Drive
Ted Early Sports Complex – 1375 Clarke Road
Cayuga Park – 64 Cayuga Cres
Pawnee Park – 176 Pawnee Road
Jubilee Park – 1375 Clarke Road
Amenities: Library:
Beacock Public Library Branch – 1280 Huron Street

Stronach Recreation Centre – 1221 Sandford Street

Community Centres:

Community Pool:
Stronach Park Community Pool – 1221 Sandford Street

Spray Pad:
Stronach Park Spray Pad – 1221 Sandford Street

Wading Pool:
Stronach Park Wading Pool – 1221 Sandford Street

Baseball Diamonds:

Tennis Courts:

Basketball Court:
Huronview Park Court #1 – Half - 1345 Bently Drive

Soccer Fields:

This area is located west of Clarke Road to Highbury Avenue North between the river and Oxford Street East.  In this area you will find Fanshawe College and Stronach Arena. There are a variety of homes in this area and different prices; some newer and older homes.  The lots in this area are a little large except for the newer subdivisions.  Prices also vary and there is also student housing in the area where many parents having their child in the college have some up and purchased properties for this child and friends which turns out to be a cheaper route to go.  There are also many conveniences in the area.  This area around Fanshawe has grown quite a bit in the last 5 years as the college has been renovating and building on and you will also find college housing which is fairly new. 

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